They’re giving UI experts a wider choice of design styles to play with. These designs are coupled with scroll-triggered animations, geometric shapes, glassmorphism for menus or standout interaction blocks, and textured backgrounds. At the same time, custom illustrations and animations are rife.

Pie charts, line charts and bar charts are great tools to present different types of user data. This example also offers two different color versions for your reference. UI design process requires more than just design skills or design tools. You can be great at graphic design but fail at satisfying real users. In order to prevent that, UI and UX design work together in all the successful examples I mentioned in this article.

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For a website to have good UI and UX, it needs to align with the purpose of its development. If the website’s narrative does not match the UI and UX, there are issues to be fixed. Mockitt is one of the most extensive and advanced tools that is going to radicalize the UI/UX designing. Mockitt takes care of the entire structuring, designing, and dynamism of any website, taking it from an idea to reality with smart, efficient, and state-of-the-art tools.

Animated Onboarding App Design

Filling out personal information during the checkout process for the first time is never an ideal experience. It’s unavoidably a clunky process—or, at least, no one has figured out how to make it smooth for first-time buyers. Frank and Oak, a clothing retailer with a strong media and lifestyle focus, uses its UI to grab the attention of its users and their taste in style. Upon arrival, users are immediately greeted with evocative and dynamic stills of the products on offer. On the left, instead of getting right into the payment, the page prompts you to “say hello to your host and tell them why you’re coming”. By placing this prior to the payment information, it starts a conversation and connection between the guest and host and further invests the user in the experience.

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In the premium templates, you get plenty of useful features and modern web design that meets the current trends. On the other hand in the free template, you get only limited features. Few of the templates have modern designs that are in trend now, and few follow a most generic style without any special features. However, the choices are open, it is up to you to decide which template best meets your needs. The marketing success of match-making apps directly depends on their usability.

We see this one ALL THE TIME. People will write their dating profile and spend the whole time talking about how much they hate writing about themselves and how awkward it is. But this great piece of UI design for the Montreux Jazz Festival aimed to help you ensure that you get the most out of your time at the event. If someone is interested and wants to learn, they have the option to press play or more info.

Remember frustration and discomfort destroys enjoyment, and this will result in a negative user experience . Firstly, there’s a massive demand for the target audience in dating apps. Secondly, these matchmaking apps allow users to chat, engage, and go on a first date if everything falls in place. Some dating app users want to first meet the potential match only virtually and ensure that they are with the time, effort, and energy of meeting in person. Hence, matchmaking apps often provide a distance radius bar for users to choose from. Any new business launch requires a thorough R&D of the market.

Add to cart animation by Aaron Iker

People want control over their experience with the product and it’s up to UI designers to make that happen. This applies to classic things like allowing people to get familiar with the basics of the product and then giving them power to create shortcuts to the tasks they do most often. It could also mean giving users the power to customize their interface, including things like the general color scheme. Designers work with users in order to understand the context of the project and learn how new solutions could improve people’s lives. When users play an active role in the design process, they become expert witness to a human task or challenge. A range of exercises- from focus groups to brainstorming sessions- help prompt discussion, stimulate creative thinking, and build empathy between designers and users.

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