Unfortunately the event was postponed to another date and we offered tickets to a number of suitable alternative venues which were declined. Our policy on refunds is that if we have to postpone an event we offer credit for another night. At no point in this e-mail exchange was I arrogant or ‘shirty’. Last year, I was trying on their dating events. I went to the free event at Kensington Roof Garden and it turned out alright and when they were hosting a speed dating event at the Piccadilly Institute cost of £10, I decided to give it a try. I paid for a speed dating event, when I turned up to the Venue at the right time and date the event wasn’t even happening.

It encourages users to choose people to date rather than be matched with them. A fun night especially in these weird times. It was great meeting new people and a brilliant idea to build up some confidence. Thanks for your review Susan, I am pleased to hear you enjoyed the event and found our host to be excellent.

Not good value. Wouldn’t recommend.

After dating all the girls, I stayed on for drinks with a group of people and had a great time chatting and generally having a good time. The venue was great, the ladies were great, the hosts were great – the whole night was great! Let’s just hope my date I have organized on Saturday is great too!! We also appreciate you not only taking time out to share your sentiments but also your lovely words about our staff. We just love our daters and helping cupid and kismet – meet.

Would recommend in Dallas Texas

I thought all the daters were so nice and open and it had a nice feeling of camaraderie. The location was pretty and had both an alcohol/coffee bar for pre, mid, and post libations. I received my matches within 24 hours as promised.

Also, the hosts (from the little I’ve spoken to them) seem nice and helpful. Users only have 60 seconds to get to know a potential match; however, being able to see a face and knowing that there is a real person behind the profile is a comforting thought. Filter Off may offer products and services that members can buy through the App Store, Google Play, etc., but these are not required, and the app can still be used without them. LoveScan lets you decide who you’d like to meet and offers suggestions based on your in-app experiences.

Hello Gina, thanks for the positive feedback for the event you attended over lockdown. Pleased to hear you enjoyed it and will be attending more in the future! Thanks for the review Lisa, I am delighted to hear you had a great experience and would highly recommend my service.

Thanks for the review Chloe, I am so pleased to hear you had a good time. We work hard to make sure everyone feels comfortable at our events. I so pleased to hear you would recommend us to others. Me and my friends had a really good time.

Rob is an excellent host

Let me start with the not so good parts. To be honest, they were more personal dislikes rather than major problems. It tells you how fast the world of dating is changing that people in their 20s think of speed dating as old fashioned while anyone over 35 sees it as a new, modern thing. After spending a week on Tinder to get some insight as to what it’s like to date online I thought I’d try another way, speed dating. In an effort to make the situation right they offered my friend and me 2 free events. When we tried to take them up on the offer, they wanted to charge one of us $15.

You’ll have the chance to meet fun and eligible singles from across Chelmsford and the surrounding areas. In addition to Speed Dating, we also offer monthly fun organized sports and activity events that cover jamaicandating free a wide range of interests. Learn a new sport, enjoy a dinner party, comedy club nights, theme dance parties like our New Years’ Eve Gala, Summer Singles Boat Cruise, Wine or Beer tasting & and much more.

After listening to the welcome speech, I figured that I could be a great Speed Dater and proceeded with a smile to meet my first date. Despite it taking a couple of dates to get used to 4 minutes feeling like 30 seconds, I quickly learnt the art of this high-speed dating malarkey and got right into the swing of things. The evening flowed by with none of the scenarios occurring that I had imagined and I can honestly say it was one of the best evenings I have attended! I particularly wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet Steve. Steve was my last date of the night – it’s true what they say, good things come to those who wait! Steve and me have been seeing each other since the event and despite it still being early days, things are going in the right direction and we’re having a wonderful time!

When the buzzer sounds, half of the singles move to another chair and a different partner, in a kind of round robin. After the event is over, the daters submit to the event’s organizers the names of the individuals they would like to see again. It sounds simple, but each variable in the design of the event can affect the daters’ outcomes. Each of our reviewed dating services also allows for submitted reviews and ratings by our readers. Each user review contains a rating based on a possible total of five stars and a description. With the name of the dating services listed above you will find the Editor rating along with the average user rating.